Hair trend: The Bob |

I’m seeing a long-awaited trend among celebrity hair styles lately – how refreshing it is to see all those extensions come off, and instead of long wavy curls, a sleek healthy-looking bob is back in style (although never really out of style, but definitely highly trending right now).

It could be for various reasons, either a simple need of change or a ‘case of Beyonce’, where over-styling had come to a point of no return and a cut was the only option.

I’ve never dared trying, or really felt the need, to use extensions, instead I’ve been patient and let my hair grow naturally, which is a process easily compared to waiting for Santa as a kid. It takes time, especially if your aim is not only to achieve the length but also shine and volume, so in many ways I can see why women resort to adding extensions to hair that doesn’t want to cooperate with their set goals.

However, taking my own hair situation as an example, I’m now at a point where the hair is long but lacking that freshness and shine. On top of that, I’ve been letting my natural hair colour come through, which at this moment looks just like the ombre, but reversed – it’s truly at a very unattractive state – and that’s why I’ve decided to go through the scary ordeal of letting my hairdresser chop of a good piece of that unruly hair!

Sometimes the girly dream and idea of long hair takes over the fact that, unless it’s well taken care of on a daily basis, it’s not going to look pretty. It’s what I’ve told myself and I’ve convinced myself that healthy hair looks best, short or long, and right now a cut seems to be the best and only option.

It does, unfortunately, come with a vague feeling of giving up rather than excitement for a new style, but on the other hand we’re soon facing a new year, why not a new hair style?