Top 5 Shopping Spots in Europe

London Florence Paris Barcelona Zurich

Whether you need some retail therapy far away from home or just because you feel like burning a hole in those savings you’ve collected, here are Europe’s top five shopping spots!

Saving up is important but few people realise how counter-productive dying rich is. I mean, if you die and your pockets are heavy with money, you’re just going to drop to hell even faster… it’s physics, duh!

So, yes, here are some amazing shopping spots in Europe that won’t only make your pockets lighter but that will also arouse your senses (N.B. this excludes your husband’s sense of humour).

London, England: I know it’s technically not Europe – ha! – but it still is tops! All those high-street shops lined up one after the other; that amazing feeling when you accidentally bump into a bargain – which is like every two seconds in London – and those long roads with Alexander and Louis and Vivienne greeting you like old friends with open arms. And, of course… the department stores! Harrods, Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason and Liberty. It really is no wonder why it’s considered to be one of the best shopping spots in the world… and I think I need a nappy change after all that.

Paris, France: It’s a bit of a cliché to mention Paris straight after London, but seriously, you have not experienced shopping until you’ve been there. Ancient flea markets peppered with treasures waiting to be discovered and some of the most famous addresses in the world, including Avenue Montaigne and Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. It really is the ultimate chic destination for any member of the Glitterati!

Florence, Italy: Yes, Milan is a fashion capital, and yes, all roads do lead to Rome, but if you want good shopping there’s no place like the renaissance city of Florence. Start off in Via Roma and bask in the beauty of that street and its shops! Between Miu Miu and the architecture I just HAD to sit down for a coffee and a gelato when I was there! Head down to Piazza Duomo and walk towards Piazza Republica. Then, after some mouth-watering food and a decent espresso (please note, there’s no ‘x’ in espresso) check out Ponte Vecchio for some high-street stores. And if you love open-air markets, you’re going to love Mercato Nuovo.

Barcelona, Spain: I know, I have the Queen’s song stuck in my head too, but with shopping this good, you’ll be whooshing in and out of shops like a supersonic wo/man! Why? Well, what makes shopping in Barcelona special is that designer brands don’t seem to have as much clout as the high-street stores! There is many-a-bargain to be made, in fact, and La Boqueria is the perfect place to start.

Zurich, Switzerland: In a city in which the average price of a pizza is €30, you can just assume what kind of shopping you’ll be in for, but it’s worth it! The department stores are out of this world, with every major brand under the sun paying a fortune every day for a spot in this bustling shopping capital. While you’re there check out the jewellery and shoe stores, they are to die for; and, of course, don’t forget to visit ShopVille, the Swiss railway service’s own shopping complex that has over 140 shops and restaurants!

So, that’s my top five! And if anyone out there is wondering why I didn’t mention Fifth Avenue, well… Really?

Any other top shopping spots in Europe you can think of? Let us know!