Why India? Why Not?

As I had previously written, I was pondering about whether I should continue being a student at University, or else, deferring the student thing to another year, to be able to take a gap year and figure out what I want to be really doing. Well as it turned out I was able to take a decision and I opted for the gap year.

Mind you it was not an easy decision and I am still figuring out what I want to be doing in general with the time given to me (sounds mystical I know). One thing that I will be doing (unless something happens) is that I will be going to India – the cliché of gap years, I know. When trying to explain what I’m attempting to do with my life the most popular question that I am being asked is why India?

To be perfectly honest, my current answer is I don’t really know, but why not?

I have wanted to visit India since I was 16. I was passing from a phase of constant questioning towards my beliefs, which I am sorry to say has simmered down (the questioning that is) and decided that I wanted to save the world, find G/god and so India was the place to be.

Five years down the line I lost a lot of my reasoning and I do not know why I want to go to India, I simply want to.

Which leads to a bigger question, why do we do things in life? Does everything we do need to have reason? 

Do we constantly need to think about what we are doing or will there be times when we are living mindlessly.

As a person I tend to over-think everything – apart from the practical details. I think about why I want to do something but not how.

Although I won’t give it up for anything, thinking can be tiresome. But thinking amidst a mentally numbing daily routine is something I am thankful for. Sometimes we get so lost in the execution of things, we forget why we are doing them. At other times, we think so much that we do not get anything from the experience because we are lost in reasons and getting to its end.

The bottom line, as always, is that it’s all about balance. Living in the moment, while not getting lost in it. Awareness.

So why India? Because India it is!