Up-skirt man


Good news for all pervs living in or going to the USA! Up-skirt photos might actually be protected by the first Amendment! God Bless America!

Yes, taking a picture of an unsuspecting woman’s privates could, it turns out, be as American as Apple Pie. And only slightly less wholesome. (You’ll get it in a minute).

The story started over three years ago in Boston when Michael Robertson was arrested for taking cellphone snaps up women’s dresses whilst on a subway train. Creepo-man was a bit unlucky though. One of his victims was actually an undercover cop! (What a day to be trying out new functions on your mobile.) Robertson, 31, is trying to argue that he did nothing wrong, since if you are riding on a train there is no guarantee of privacy. (And also perhaps he was looking for a truncheon.)

Anyway outdated laws may mean that Robertson might just get away with it, as taking unwanted pictures of women are actually protected by the same legislation that allows for free speech (trying very hard not to crack a joke about lips).

But, hold the champagne, perv fans. If convicted your hero faces two years in prison. Following his trial in the Boston municipal court he is currently appealing to the Massachusetts Supreme Court.

Even Robertson’s lawyer Michelle Menken (who probably wears trousers in front of her client) admits that the time may have come for the laws to be updated, but is arguing that the court needs to give an interpretation according to current rules.

He’ll certainly be hoping they won’t give him any lip. (Sorry couldn’t resist).

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