Killer Human Food for Dogs

We all love to spoil our four-legged friends, however, when it comes to human food it is important to be really careful, and aware of what could harm your dog. Some human foods are not only safe, but in fact can be quite healthy for your dog. Often pooches will eat anything they can get their snouts on and whilst it is impossible to list all harmful food for dogs – here I highlight six main, common foods that should ring alarm bells, should your pooch get their paws on them accidentally.


Chocolate – very often a human favourite but a big no-no for your dog. For humans dark chocolate in fact can hold many health benefits, good for the heart, skin, etc., however it is lethal for dogs. Even the smallest bits of chocolate can kill your dog due to the ingredient theobromine. This is safe for humans but absorbed too slowly by dogs having serious and even deadly effects on your dog including increased heart rate, constricting their arteries and stimulating their nervous system.

Raisins and Grapes

Tasty for humans – a killer food for your dog. Both raisins and grapes can be lethal for a dog to eat as they are likely to cause kidney failure.

Animal Bones

Unfortunately feeding animal bones to dogs is one of the most common mistakes dog parents make. Many owners of large dogs think that they can easily chew bones and digest them, whilst they might be able to chew bones and it can have health benefits there are risks involved. Countless dogs end up at the vet with bone splinters stuck in the intestinal tract or whole bones caught in the throat. Both of these situations will require your dog to have surgery and could kill them.

Milk and Cheese

Both of these dairy products are not safe for your dog. Dogs do not have the required enzyme to break down milk sugar. Additionally, cheese has too much fat in it, which can result in pancreatitis – which is a deadly condition.


Coffee, tea, Coca-Cola, or anything else containing caffeine, should never, ever be given to your dog and always placed out of their reach. Just like chocolate, caffeine contains a stimulant that is highly dangerous for dogs – mehtylated xanthine, which stimulates a dog’s central nervous system and causes vomiting, heart palpitations, and even death.

Apple Seeds

Dogs can eat apples and in fact, they are actually quite good for them to eat. The seeds however, are highly dangerous for dogs to eat as they include poisonous cyanide, which is safe for humans in this dose but not for our four-legged friends. You should never feed dogs whole apples, and owners should also make sure that their dogs do not go anywhere near apple trees while the apples are ripe and falling on the ground.

So take care and remember that this list is not exclusive. Acorns, avocados, garlic, lemons, mushrooms, nuts, onions, pistachios and tomatoes are other examples of foods that are also dangerous for your dog.

So regardless of any irresistible puppy eyes, now you know when not to cave with dangerous human foods!