Love affairs in the Film industry


No one likes to be cheated on in a relationship. So why is it that we find ourselves rooting for love affairs in films and TV series? Apart from painting a very pretty picture about the idea of love, love scandals dominate the scenes and unlike real life situations, this does not seem to bother us.

This is because film permits us to go through situations which are somewhat looked down upon in real life. It grants us the capability of getting a taste from the forbidden fruit, without any of the consequences. Who in their right mind would not justify the relationship between Gatsby and Daisy?!

The problem lies here. The film industry has burdened marriage with a new task and responsibility: to provide romantic love forever.

Young couples seal the deal, expecting rainbows and butterflies for the rest of their lives and find themselves in a situation where their marriage is nothing like they expected it to be. Everyone wants a little more and nothing is good enough to satisfy our expectations. The media paints an unrealistic picture of the behaviour of other people, which in turn leads to our constant disapproval and disappointment. When this happens, we believe that we have committed to the wrong person and the chances to replace this other person, through a love affair or divorce, is quite high.

Unfortunately, there is no instruction book to ensure that your relationship will be a successful one. Therefore, keep in mind to eliminate any unrealistic expectations. After all, we’re all human.