Where Are They Now?

Axyl Rose Bon Jovi Sophia Loren

They used to be some of the world’s most famous people, but what’s happened to them now?

It might be difficult to believe, but before the advent of the Kim Kardashians and the Paris Hiltons of this world, there were people who were famous for actually doing something worthwhile. They pushed the boundaries and became style icons, and for a while, their name was probably as well known as the Queen’s, but what’s happened to them along the way? Where are they now?

Here, we take a look at three of the names who used to command a squeal just as high-pitched as those One Direction boys, and more, and who have been some of my favourites for many, many years!

Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi came to prominence as the lead singer of the legendary 80s band Bon Jovi, and his 1986 album Slippery When Wet spent eight weeks at the top of the Billboard 200 and has since sold over 28 million copies – that’s more than Justin Bieber’s sold in total. He is also an actor, appearing also on Sex and the City and Ally McBeal. He’s been named ‘Sexiest Rock Star’ and one of the ‘50 Most Beautiful People’ by People magazine as well as one of the ‘100 Sexiest Artists’ by VH1.

Today, Bon Jovi and his band are still releasing music, and their latest album, which was launched on 8 March 2013, went straight to number one on the Billboard 200. At 51, however, Jon Bon Jovi prefers to spend his time with his wife Dorothea Hurley and four kids, Stephanie, Jesse, Jacob and Romeo Jon; in fact, he is often photographed hanging out with his children.

Guns N’ Roses

There are many bands nowadays that think they’re the shiz, but before all that, the original line-up of the Guns N’ Roses was formed. Made up of vocalist Axl Rose (the only member still active), lead guitarist Slash, rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin, drummer Steven Adler and bassist Duff McKagan, the band’s first album went to number one a year after it had been released thanks to the success of their hit single ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’. Since then, the band has sold over 100 million records worldwide, and ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ remains a favourite at karaoke joints.

Today, all the band members have gone their separate ways. Axl Rose is still part of Guns N’ Roses, and frequently tours with the band; Slash, Izzy and Steven have started their own bands separately, each releasing a steady stream of albums over the years. Meanwhile, McKagan went back to university in the early 2000s and has started his own wealth management firm Meridian Rock.


Sophia Loren

Very few actors before and since Sophia Loren hit the scene have managed to match her talent and success. She took up acting in 1949 at the age of 14 and has since appeared in dozens of films. She was the first woman to ever win the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in an international film. She’s also won five Golden Globes, a BAFTA award, and a Cecil B. DeMille Honorary award amongst many others.

Today, at the age of 79, she is a grandmother of four and has been a widow since 2007, when her husband of 50 years (with a break of four years during their two marriages) passed away due to pulmonary complications. She is currently filming a one-woman film called La Voce Umana, which is based on the 1930 play by Jean Cocteau La Voix Humaine which is due to be released early next year. She’s still got it!


Do you like these celebrities/bands? Is this where you expected them to be at this stage in their lives?