Reiki For Your Pets


Reiki is not just beneficial for us humans, but is the up-and-coming treatment for our pets too. Rei means ‘spirit’ and Ki means ‘energy’ and spiritual energy heals not only humans but animals too. The energy flow is usually strongest through our hands, but it actually flows through all our energy centres and pathways (i.e. chakras and meridians) so it is present throughout the whole body – of every body.

The practice of Reiki is the creation of an energetic space to support the self-healing process of the being we are connecting with. The reason Reiki is so ideal for use with animals is because it is gentle, non-invasive and does not require physical contact, therefore sessions do not cause any stress, discomfort, or pain, but you will still see the positive results you would in humans.

The treatment can be used on animals to support the healing of physical injury, emotional stress and to control unwanted behaviours. For ill animals, Reiki can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and support acupuncture treatment.

On a sadder note Reiki is a gentle provider of comfort for dying animals. It will relieve them from pain, fear, anxiety and may well ease the transition to death, as well as being of some comfort to the family.

Always remember, there does not have to be issues with your pet in order to have Reiki, healthy animals can reap the benefits of maintained relaxation, and a sense of peace and contentment.