Opposing Adoption By LGBT Couples

It seems that when it comes to minority groups’ rights everyone has an opinion, but few people see what is going on around them and that which will surely affect society’s future.

As governments move closer to allowing LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual) couples to have the same rights as heterosexual ones, many individuals seem to be getting edgy about these people adopting.

Why? “Because being gay rubs off… Because children need a mother and a father… Because it is against our religion.”

Well, let’s start with the obvious: the majority of LGBT people have straight parents; children in orphanages have none; and denying a child the chance of having a family in the name of religion… really?

There are other worrying reasons, however, and here are some of them:

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi: Hundreds of years of slavery, a holocaust, and genocides in Rwanda, Armenia and a host of other countries – and we still haven’t learnt anything. If the Winter Olympics – there to bring unity amongst nations – will still be held in Russia after their anti-gay legislations went into place, and after the Russian government said it would arrest openly gay participants and spectators, then clearly the Olympic committee has no clue about the real purpose of the games.

And what about their sponsors? Many know how powerful marketing can be, but few seem bothered by multi-national fast food chains and soft drink brands sponsoring huge international sporting events. The detrimental short and long-term effects of their products on health are well known and they are part of an unhealthy lifestyle that costs billions in medication for governments worldwide. Now, hundreds of millions of people are going to unconsciously associate them with sports and fitness, but that’s okay, right?

The Education System: Maths, English, chemistry are important; but what about life? The education system these days teaches children that whether they pass exams or not until a certain age makes no difference, that everyone is the same whether they work hard or not, and that they are untouchable no matter what they do. But can someone tell me what will happen when these children become the workforce of the future? When one of them is leading the country?

And what about those who are academically challenged? How many times have you heard parents telling their kids that if they don’t study, they’ll end up as dustmen? What’s wrong with that? Everyone is essential for a functioning society, but it seems that we’d rather have a chunk of graduates not having a job, or a job they’re unhappy in, rather than have different people for different jobs. Yet, obviously, in the future it’s gay people adopting children that will stop society evolving as it should.

The News: It’s good to keep yourself updated, but the news has destroyed our ability to see reality for what it really is. How many times have we seen a feature about some natural disaster on the other side of the world followed by another about some celebrity’s divorce? Reality is bite-sized these days, and it seems we can only chew 30 seconds or 140 characters at a time. No wonder so many us are unfazed by life.

And what about the topics they cover? “Vampy Selena [Gomez] shows off her cleavage in a sexy LBD.” First off, how is that news? Secondly – forgive me if I objectify her, I must be a chauvinist pig.

Seriously, though, it’s the gays who are spoiling the fabric of society by wanting to adopt a child that is not biologically theirs, and spend their time and money taking care of him/her, giving him/her a home, paying for his/her education, health, necessities and more… How could I have been so blind?

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