How to look good when you are sick…


You are feeling ill but have an important work meeting to attend – how many of us have found ourselves in this situation? 

The first instinct is to don one’s pyjamas, curl up in bed and hide from the rest of the world until all is cured. But here are a few tips to instantly brighten up your face when you are under the weather.

– Soak your skin with a gentle moisturiser… this will lock some moisture into your otherwise dry skin.

– Place a cold, water-soaked wash-cloth over your eyes to reduce under-eye bags and to refresh the area. For added effect also apply an eye cream around the eye area.

– Avoid foundations that have a powdery finish and also avoid applying a heavy layer of setting powder as this will only emphasise any flaky skin you might have, such as around the nose area.

– Avoid eye-shadow colours that come from the red and purple family as these will increase shadows and make your eyes look even more tired. Instead opt for matte, soft earth tones as a shading colour and vanilla tones for highlighting.

– Apply a cream blusher in order to give the face a little colour. A cream blusher will glide on and will not look too cakey on dry skin.

– Pop some colour on your lips. Preferably use lip gloss instead of lipstick as the gloss will not only moisturise your lips but it will also offer a lighter reflecting surface.

See?! You can still look good even when you’re sick! Wishing a speedy recovery to all our readers out there who are indeed sick!!