Interview with OWEN BONNICI

Where do you live:- Birgu

Status:- Single

Star Sign:- Leo

Main occupation:- Television Producer and Presenter

OWEN BONNICI started off his career doing a television show for kids called Mini Bugz. He remembers being petrified when hosting his first primetime show, Zinners, eleven years ago.

“Together with Sander, Claire and Daniel we created ZOO, the comedy troupe with which we had 9 fantastic years of comedy shows, television shows and kids entertainment, until last June when we decided it was time to call it a day and move on. Following ZOO I changed my style, with regards to my career, with a fresh way of hosting and the show itself reflecting my age. ONE NIGHT STAND was born – it’s modern TV entertainment, fast moving with great attention to detail. The show airs every Tuesday at 21:45 on ONE”, stated OWEN BONNICI in the introduction to this interview with RAMONA PORTELLI.

Do you wear boxers or briefs, and why?

Boxers, I’ve been wearing them since I was a kid. Mum used to say that briefs encourage impotence – sounds weird!! To be honest never found out if it is true.

Are you the same Owen in private as the one in the public eye?

Pretty much the same, although I am a little more reserved, but once I get talking… I get talking!

What is it that you cannot live without?

Espresso – morning ones especially. Also cannot live without my weekly fitness training routine. I believe fitness is what keeps stress at bay and what keeps me going.

What are your weaknesses?

Food is my weakness. I love eating and once I start eating I find it difficult to stop! Although I am blessed because I don’t like chocolate, but I am mad about cheese which is still fattening. Alcohol is also my weakness – love drinking beer in the sun on a Sunday morning, chilling with a glass of wine and having a couple shots of spirits to socialize. I allow myself a couple of drinks once a week only.

Do you prefer women or cars? And why?

Definitely women, although lately I must admit that looking after a car is less of a headache.

What do you think is your best asset?

What you see is what you get, you know where you stand with me. If I tell you it’s black, it’s black. If I tell you it’s white, it’s white!