Drifting in the Abstract: Do you get it?

After the Appke of Discord and Locus Amoenus by Kristina Butigan Untitled by Ben Applegarth Mindscape Act I II III and IV by Hollingworth Davie Anchor by Suzi Osborn
Telsha Arora

A new exhibition named Drifting in the Abstract takes centre stage for five days in East London. This is a small yet quirky showcase of some of London’s young emerging and talented artists featuring eleven pieces of abstract art.

So what did I think? Well I am no artist myself, as I explained to the lovely Will Davie (of Hollingworth & Davie, curators of this exhibition and artists in their own right).

I could easily find various forms of symbolism, juxtaposition and hidden messages in classic literature such as Austen or Dickens, or even well constructed films, but when it comes to art I feel very inadequate in deciding whether what I see is any ‘good’.

Art is one thing, abstract art is quite another.

When you’ve grown up in London you become quite familiar with modern art such as a crumpled piece of paper exhibited at pride of place in a gallery, which professionals inform you with ease, ‘represents the plight of third world countries and shames the inequality of wealth between the East and West perfectly’. And you nod and smile but really you (and I’m sure many others) are thinking in despair – no! it’s just a piece of crumpled paper!

Will informed me, ‘it’s the non-artists who are the best critics as artists often live in their own little world, it takes an outsider to decide if the art is good’.

Well I am able to decide if I like something or not and there were definitely some interesting pieces to see.

If you’re around London and want to see if you can make any more sense of it, or simply whether you like any of it, the exhibition Drifting in the Abstract will be at the Vyner Street Gallery, London E2 9DG from 25th November to 30th November.