The Right Gown for the Right Competition (Part 1)

Kate Middleton Evening Gowns

Having worked for so many years in the fashion industry, I have seen loads and loads of beautiful evening gowns. I have seen crappy ones as well but looking back, I noticed that girls give a lot of importance to an evening gown. Depending on accessories a gown can make or break you. There are so many competitions around today, but those for females are by far the most popular. And don’t we all love to watch the beautiful evening gowns – and many of them cost a fortune at that!

Choosing a gown can be a headache for some, overwhelming for newcomers, whilst fun for most. Everyone loves to look glamorous. Who doesn’t like to wear a glitzy glamour gown with a mind-blowing slit? Who wouldn’t like to walk the red carpet in a beautiful designed evening gown? And who doesn’t love those flashy high heeled shoes with stones?

Choosing a gown is one of the most exciting part of beauty contest preparations. As the most glamorous event in pageants, the evening gown competition provides entrants with an ideal opportunity to look their most beautiful, project the image of a winner and clinch the crown.

There are 5 key elements to look for when selecting your competition pageant dress: Colour, Neckline, Proportion, Fabric, and Price.

The neckline should ultimately lead the eye back to your face, whereas the colour should make your skin look radiant. Most of the time colour rocks! There are many beautiful vibrant colours to choose, from red, to daffodil yellow (for those who can take it), to emerald green, royal blue and one can also mix two colours together.

Proportion is especially important to petite contestants. Ideally, a participant wants most of the gown’s stoning and ornate features to be on the top third of your dress and keep the bottom two-thirds more simple to elongate and add height. Or you can flip this around where the upper two-thirds is uniform and the bottom third is fun and ornate.

To look your tallest, dress from head to toe in one uniform colour or solid beading. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, but using the rule of thirds will help you know what to look for.

Beware of certain material that add kilos to body measurements! Shiny materials, such as satin, shows every bump and bulge on your body. It also increases the appearance of your size, while a matte fabric will not. Silk and chiffon flutter beautifully on stage if you have a wonderful walk.

Typically, pageant dresses are made of higher quality fabrics and have better stones on them. They are longer in length to accommodate the 5” heels we pageant girls wear, and have stronger “inside construction” such as boning, corsets, and pads to hold things up and in place. So it’s important to set a budget, dresses can cost hundreds, expensive materials means expensive price! Once you settle on a price, select the dress that has the other four fashion elements best for you.

Bottom line is you MUST love the way your pageant gown makes you feel when you wear it. When you walk out on that stage, if your gown helps your personality shine to its fullest, then that is your gown, regardless of what you paid for it.

Keep an eye out for Part 2 of this article… to be cont.