Stand-up With a Difference


The stand-up circuit in Malta has become a vibrant one, like a Phoenix from the ashes, it is colourful, different and captivating. 

I am definitely not a new face to the scene at this point, however, when I was asked by PunchFist productions to take part in a new stand-up concept, I was both chuffed and terrified at the same time. ‘Hey, that’s my joke’ involves doing a regular stand-up routine and then switching your set with that of a different comedian, without having ever heard his routine before. And boy, it is not easy. However it is hilarious. I purposely came up with a very female oriented set so perhaps it would go to some super macho guy. In the end it worked out really well.

I do believe the best humour comes out when it is not rehearsed. Many performers become a different person on stage and I feel that improvisation strips that away, the walls come tumbling down and you are left with something so pure, rudimentary and honest. It’s real and it takes a lot of courage to expose oneself in that way. 

I definitely look forward to doing this again. And since the success of its premiere, I am sure ‘Hey, that’s my joke’ will become a regular show and it will surely grow and flourish as a concept. Stand-up in itself is a bit of a lonely art, but this show gives it a community feel. A truly different sentiment.