Winter Colour Trends

In Winter black is always in fashion and sometimes there is absolutely nothing more stylish and elegant than a simple black dress and a string of pearls. However, then again, constantly wearing all black can look quite boring so some colour should be injected into your winter wardrobe.

For the conservative dressers white and black is still very much in vogue this season, a simple pair of black trousers and a white shirt with a statement necklace is a smart, classic option; switch the trousers for leather skinnies for a trendier look.

Then there’s red – the colour of the season. Red is literally everywhere – and not just one shade of red, there’s hot bright red, dark plums, wine colours… all worn with black and sometimes black and white too. The look is bright, interesting, sexy and daring.

There’s also blue, dark blues that are sometimes mistaken for black… again, this colour can be worn with black and will look pretty stylish. Gone are the days when so called fashion rules dictated that black and blue should never marry, now blue and black are constantly making an appearance together, both on the catwalk and in stores.

Keep these colours in mind when out shopping, no need to give up black completely but do give other colours some love too!