Why Hasn`t He Texted Back Yet


They say women are hard to decipher but men’s texts can be a mind-blowing minefield.

I was recently chatting to my friend’s daughter, and we got talking about the way men text women. She’s really smart, but somehow she is completely perplexed by what the boys in her life say to her over SMS.

Now, I’m going to come out and say it: at the ripe age of 40 I’m hardly a member of the texting generation – my first TV set was in black and white, for heaven’s sake. But texts are made up of words, and words I understand (especially when they’re coming from a man!), which is why I thought I’d write down a mini-guide about how to understand and engage with some common things boys do through text.

He Never Texts First: If a guy never texts first, then he’s clearly disinterested. It is important to make an effort and always answer texts that deserve to be answered, but never go out of your way for someone who is seemingly ignoring you. The truth is that men are hunters so you should and need to let them hunt.

It Takes Him Ages To Answer Back: Men and women are inherently different. Women pay more attention to the consequences that might seep from their actions – such as the other person feeling rejected because the object of their desire hasn’t answered a text. Men, on the other hand, get easily distracted and see things as they are (i.e. it’s just texting). The trick is to always take as long as he has to answer back. So if you text him at 10am and he answers at noon, your next text should come at 2:37pm. If you feel like you can’t handle it, then just stop texting completely.

He Doesn’t Contribute: Not everyone sees texting the same way. Some people are all up for texting all day long and Whatsapping their thumbs off, while others would prefer to leave things for when they meet up because they fear running out of topics for conversation. Ultimately, if you text and he never answers your questions, or if he doesn’t ask you how your day was – give him the boot.

He Randomly Texts Me Late At Night: In three simple words, he wants sex. If you’re up for it, then answer back with something flirtatious; if you’re not, ignore it.

He Sends One Word Messages: When you’re smitten, you’re smitten; when you’re not, you’re not. If he answers your long texts with a one-word message, he’s clearly not that into you.

He Texts About Himself All The Time: You’re dating a self-centred cow. Leave now.

Anything you feel you should add to Evelyn’s advice? Let us know.