The Sutras: A practical Philosophy – Part 2

In my previous article The Sutras In Yoga I explained what the Sutras are. Now here is my practical application of them…

I gave away clothes I hadn’t worn in years. I stopped indulging in shopping – especially clothes, lowered my voice, and removed all enemy images from people who did me wrong (including wardens, silly neighbours, the list is never ending…). My house was also full of ornaments that were taking my space – I gave those up too.

I stopped stealing other people’s time and energy for my own benefit, stopped using people for my own happiness, I stopped harming myself with thoughts of fear and worry that were destroying each living cell within me. I gave up on my past and all judgements, forgave myself, took responsibilities for all the actions I had taken that brought me to a dead end and stopped pointing fingers in blame. 

I stopped talking about people if they weren’t present, unless it was positive. If and when I find myself participating in the slightest bit of gossip, I shut up and forgive.

I started praying without desperation and sat and listened through a lot of tough meditation. I stopped caring about what society asks of me. Loud music was out, energy vampires too! I stopped dancing and practising Yoga through ego and ambition, putting just the right amount of effort in my asanas as well as my actions. I had a good look at myself and my bullshit and gave it all up.

Now, I only read what nourishes my brain and I eat what nourishes my body, not my ego, I am on my way to not being part of the suffering of all animals for my enjoyment. Unfortunately I still eat fish but am doing my best to eliminate all killing on my plate. I stopped pretending. I prayed and prayed and prayed. I had a little disciplinary voice in my head now so it was all changing!

That was India, Ashtanga, Patanjali and my application. Then came Budokon – an experience I shared with you in anther article.