Interview with ALEXANDRA ALDEN

Photo: Nicky Scicluna

Where do you live:- The Netherlands

Star Sign:- Aries

Main occupation:- Student of Jazz/Pop studies, Musician

Media-related occupation:- Student of Jazz/Pop studies, Musician

Music and art moulded her into the person ALEXANDRA ALDEN is today – creative, sensitive, thoughtful, curious, musical and hungry to discover what life has on offer – turning visions into reality, inspiring and helping others to do the same.

She began writing songs from an early age, experimenting with sounds and gathering ideas from the world around her, which at the time was the very green and mountainous terrain of Germany. Her family moved from Malta temporarily when Alexandra was 2 years old. Having a home away from home created two parallel universes with which she could compare and contrast. “Home could be anywhere I wanted it to be, as long as I had my family, my voice and my crayons. This train of thought has remained with me over the years and provided much inspiration to my music and ideals of life. I wrote five songs for my first EP ‘The Curious Child’ between the ages of 15 to 17 and recorded it within those three years too, while also collaborating with an American band ‘Martin McNeil & The Dissidents’. Performing in venues around the island on a regular basis, including the majestic Manoel Theatre enforced my desire to follow music as a full-time thing.

Music travels mostly via the internet today, but also on land. The most rewarding aspect of creating music is the live performance. The life of a musician is much like that of the travelling gypsy. Like the pied-piper lead the mice into the deep waters with his song, I must follow my own voice and tread unstable soils until I can find solid ground. Where the music goes, I follow. Now it has brought me to the Netherlands, where I am currently studying Jazz/Pop at a Conservatorium and will continue to perform here. I believe in having a strong education in music, not necessarily a formal one, but it’s very important to be in the right atmosphere to become equipped with the necessary tools and experiences to grow as a musician”, stated ALEXANDRA ALDEN in her introduction to this interview with RAMONA PORTELLI.


How did you first discover you had a talent for singing?

It always came naturally to me. Singing has always been fun and an important part of me. I only realized that I might be good at it within the past four years and even then, I was always painfully shy to sing in front of anyone, including my own parents. However, I did understand why I was always so self-conscious, as I knew it was a powerful form of expression and I felt like I was exposing a part of myself only I could understand at the time. I took singing quite seriously, despite it being a fun thing to do on my own while away from any listening ears. As my confidence as a person grew, so did my voice!

Can you describe your state of mind while singing?

When I’m singing at my best my mind is free and open and unaffected by what’s going on around me. I enter my own little cocoon of music and thoughts relating to the lyrics and song that I’m singing. I’d say it’s a state of complete surrender to the present moment.

What is it that you cannot live without?

Oxygen and water I guess. Some food would be nice too.

What are your weaknesses?

Cinnamon biscuits. I’m also very ticklish which makes me easily susceptible to corporal punishment.

How do you define your style?

A musical melting pot of genres I’ve loved over the years, including ones I’ve recently started to enjoy. A mix of 70s folk and progressive rock with blues, jazz and 90s goth and pop influences. This translates to my clothing too – this mish-mash of styles over the years has resulted in quite an extraordinary, trend-setting outfit which I carefully picked out myself, i.e. hoodie and jeans. But seriously, I do like clean, form-fitting clothing and tailored blazers. And most importantly, dresses with boots.

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