How People Shop Today


I’ve never understood how people choose to buy three items for the price of one while thinking they have picked up some real bargains.

Daniel Azzopardi, fashion blogger at the Devil Wears Praduh, is all about quality over quantity. When about to purchase an expensive piece, Daniel mulls over his decision in terms of the garment, “I think whether it’s good value for money, how long is it going to last me, am I getting maximum mileage out of it, how many blog posts am I getting of out it… okay maybe the last part only counts for me!” Shoes, he says, are his biggest weakness. “If it’s something I’m crazy about, I go into irrational spending mode.”

Revisiting our wardrobe is something that should be done more often. Even models do it – Jacquette Wheeler had an old Marni coat re-lined to make it warmer. Now that’s something that never crossed my mind.

People are now incorporating high street and high-end styles with vintage. Although vintage shops are quite muted in Malta, model and aspiring photographer Laura Besancon is all about finding those rare and unique pieces, “Vintage clothing and accessories add a personal touch to my outfit. The key to wearing vintage is to mix and match vintage with modern, instead of rocking head to toe vintage.”

However, shopping in thrift shops can be daunting. Laura’s tip is to look in the right places, “The good stuff is usually hiding beneath something else. It’s like digging for treasure!”