Interview with Stefan Borg


What was your reaction to winning’s Mr Fashion Model 2013?

Many people and friends helped me on the photo-competition in which I competed with many other male models. I appreciated this and thanks also to it will help me throughout my modelling career. I also congratulate Claire Gatt for winning this competition.

Which area from the whole modelling spectrum do you enjoy most and why?

I like all areas of modelling, especially photo modelling. I’ve always loved photos and the sight of cameras. I used to sing on TV and in festivals and liked the photos they shot. During a photoshoot competition with Vipaj Modeling Tuition directed by Janice Azzopardi  together with Mauro Magro I came first in the male section. She told me to continue on the modelling path and this was a brilliant idea.  I have been modelling for a year and it’s been full of fun. If you entered my room you’d be overwhelmed by all the photos from photo-shoots that I’ve collected thanks to all the photographers I worked with!

Besides being a model, you are also a singer-songwriter and DJ. What/who inspires your music and who influences your tastes?

I love every genre of music especially pop and modern music. My favourite bands are Green-Day and Queen. Pink and Will-iam are among my favourite singers.

What other projects and opportunities would you like to take up?

I would like to be on TV and to be a model in advertisements. I took part in Silhouette by Mark Doneo and Eva by Sharon as an extra.  I also took part in the new McDonald advert for the McDouble and Euro-saver. I love drama and also the way adverts are done. I love popularity!

Who is your favourite fashion designer and why?

There is no specific favourite fashion designer. I like wearing any famous brand but it must be in fashion. I mostly wear Bershka, Pull & Bear, Tommy Hilfiger, Terranova, Springfield, H&M and Mangano.

What would you change about yourself given the chance?

I would add more inches to my height and change my eye colour. But I am glad as I am now.