Interview with Claire Gatt winner of EVE’s like-and-share competition


What are your top three beauty tips? Always drink plenty of water as it keeps your skin healthy, eat healthily and stay away from junk food (although I must say that temptation does win me over sometimes…), and lastly, always keep a smile on your face as it helps to make you look and feel beautiful! 

How do you keep in shape ? I eat small meals throughout the day as it helps my metabolism. To be honest,  I don’t exercise that often… so I must say I’m quite lucky with my physique!

What other aspirations do you have ?

I’d like to succeed in what I love doing, such as photo and catwalk modelling, my career and my personal life . I would like to settle down and live a happy life, sharing it with those I love the most.

Besides the modelling business what other interests have you got?

I like travelling and was lucky enough to visit London twice in recent months.  I also love shopping (of course!) and a bit of baking when I find the time. Spending time with my family and my boyfriend is also very important to me.

What is one word  that sums up your personality? Can you elaborate?

Spontaneous! This word perfectly suits me as I can be calm and relaxed one minute, and crazy and hilarious the next! I’m never happy doing nothing so coming up with new ways to enjoy life and share moments are always on my agenda. 

What impact has winning the like-and-share competition had on your career and life in general so far?

It has been amazing and it helped me gain more exposure and new opportunities.