Mrs Asia International 2012 kidnapped and murdered

Fehmina Chaudhry Fehmina Chaudhry

Mrs Asia International, Fehmina Chaudhry, was kidnapped and murdered as she looked for property in Islamabad, Pakistan. The Pakistan born model based in Singapore, aged 27, was found in a ditch on the outskirts of Islamabad a few days after she disappeared on October 10th whilst visiting her home country in search of real estate to buy for her mother. Estate agent Maaz Wagar has confessed to the murder of the supermodel mother of two children.

After her kidnapping, her mother received demands for money in return for her daughter. Islamabad police tracked down the murderer who admitted he had murdered the beauty queen after being interrogated.

Chaudhry was one of Pakistan’s leading fashion models who won several beauty contests during her career, amongst them Mrs Asia International in 2012, a pageant for married women in the Asian continent. She is the first Pakistani woman to win an international beauty pageant representing Pakistan.

Her agent said Fehmina, who was a dedicated philanthropist, was planning to set up a fashion school in Pakistan.