10 Tips to impress your man


Not just to impress him – but to avoid turning him off!

1. Be Positive and Enthusiastic. He does not want to hear you moaning about everything, being negative and sarcastic. If you need to be rescued, work on rescuing yourself first. You want him to respect you.

2. Smile. A smile works wonders and keeps a relaxed feel between you.

3. Be Discrete. He does not want every intimate detail discussed with your girlfriends, especially in a small community where it is  easy for everyone to know everyone’s business. He needs to be able to trust you. He does not need a gossiper. Also be sober. Have a few drinks and some fun, but he does not want you passing out in the street or saying things you should not be saying.

4. Be attentive to him when you are together. He may be proud that you want to be the life and soul of the party, and chat and flirt with many men, but he may prefer that you give him your Presence also.

5. Restrain yourself from messaging him every 5 minutes when you are apart. Respect his need for his space, his own interests and friends.

6. Be as natural as possible, don’t plaster yourself in excessive make-up and lipstick, it is a turn off for many men.

7. Be clean and have good personal hygiene. Shower, shave your legs, and arm pits, have your bikini-line waxed , or how he likes it, and wash your hair. Obvious, isn’t it!

8. Look nice for him, it makes you feel good too, and avoid the “uniform” of jeans. Wear a dress or skirt sometimes. Wear clothes at home which make you both feel good.

9. Find intimate time. You may be busy with work, life, studies or looking after children or aged relatives, but time is what he deserves most, and you can prioritise your life to give him time.

10. Be open and honest. To win his love by being selective in what you tell him, thinking you can change him, is a recipe for disaster. Don’t trap him into a relationship where you have different values, ideas, goals and desires. Discuss important issues. You may want children and he does not. You may want to stay in your home town, he may want to live abroad. Sort it out now, and if you want totally different things, find someone who wants what you want.