Happy Birthday EVE!!!

A year ago, EVE was born. Of course, EVE is not a person, she’s far more than that. She’s an idea, a concept which has grown and grown, and I’m lucky to have been part of her since her birth. I’ll refer to her as ‘her’ because she is called EVE.

EVE was born on the 14th of November, and is, naturally a Scorpio. Not only that, but she has a Moon in Scorpio – which makes her intensely emotional. Ridiculous… this is a virtual magazine! How can a website be emotional – no such thing. Think about it for a little bit – EVE has no emotions, but she does engage us in a wide variety of emotions, right? Click on her page any time of the day, and you’ll find an article which will make you laugh, or cry, or make your eyes roll in desperation. So the emotions are there. It’s all in the chart!

The primary thing is immediately noticeable – EVE is there to communicate ideas, or the words of writers, and the chart shows that Mercury has a huge say about the chart. If you remember, EVE readers, Mercury represents communication and writing, so it’s not surprising that EVE’s Ascendant (the point on the eastern horizon) is Virgo – a sign traditionally associated with journalists, and the Midheaven (the highest point in the chart, showing the profession or public staus) is ruled by Gemini, which is the zodiac sign that Mercury rules.

If this chart belonged to a person, we could safely say that ‘EVE’ is intensely emotional, and leaves no stone unturned in communicating her ideas to the world! In fact, the planet Mars is in Sagittarius, and in the house of home and hearth, suggesting that there is plenty of motivation (Mars) for expanding one’s horizons (Sag) from the home (4th house). That’s right – that’s you sitting at home reading this on your laptop/tablet/whatever.

EVE is also a very beautiful idea! Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, is in the sign denoting beauty and harmony (Libra) and is connected to the Midheaven, telling us how visible EVE’s beauty is. Jupiter, is at the top of the chart, and in the sign of Gemini, ensuring that EVE expands our horizons in terms of knowledge and communication.

So Happy Birthday, EVE!!! The Point of Fortune on the Ascendant is extremely lucky. I expect that Jupiter on the top of the chart will make you grow, reaching further and wider than we ever thought.