Design Mistakes You Can Avoid (Part 2)

Give your accessories a story! High curtains, high ceilings! Nature's elements will create a relaxing feel in your home The correct lighting placements are very important in interiors The-devil-is-in-the-detail!

Following my previous article, here are five more tips on creating a better space for yourself at home by eliminating these common mistakes, with no extra effort at all!

Not using enough raw elements:

In this day and age it’s all about synthetic elements, lacquer, PVC and other man-made materials. Don’t forget that there’s nothing like nature to bring in a warm, earthy feeling. Even if it’s just a few pebbles on your bathroom counter or herb pots in your kitchen, it will make all the difference!

The devil is in the detail!

This is a very common mistake which most of us seem to make, yet it is vital that we get it right as it can make any space come to life! Be precise and be a perfectionist when it comes to design. I don’t mean everything has to be perfect – but what isn’t perfect, isn’t for a reason! It is useless having a lovely sofa, when the throw is out-dated, just like it is useless having a gorgeous bedroom when your duvet set doesn’t work well with it. These things matter, from the colour of your bathroom towels to the pattern on your rug.

Don’t hang your curtain rods too low!

The lower you hang your curtains, the lower your ceiling looks. The best way is to hang them as high as possible to give the illusion of height and space. Hanging them low could also block the natural light coming into your room and make your windows appear too small for the space, giving an imbalance of proportion and scale.

Don’t buy all your accessories from one store.

Accessories do not really have a purpose apart from being visually pleasing and of interest, such as a conversation starter. Yet if you buy them from the same place it could all look a little monotone and boring! Keep it fun by purchasing pieces when you are travelling so eventually you will be left with a versatile, quirky accessory collection!

Bring in the light!

Lighting is one of the most important features you could have in your space, and yet, one with the most possibilities of doing it wrong. Apart from lots of natural light, you need to have more than one source of artificial light. The lighting fixtures chosen depend on the activities going on in the room. If you will be reading make sure you have task lighting, this is ideal for cooking areas as well. Pair this with overhead lighting by using LED’s or pendant lighting. If you do use a pendant light make sure that the shade doesn’t stop the light from flowing across the room but enables the light to diffuse around the area. It is worth researching lighting ideas before going ahead and buying what looks best, or better still, work with a lighting specialist for optimum lighting results for your space.

Should you have any questions or need advice on your own interiors, you can always leave a comment below or contact me directly on my facebook page lilliehelena.