Sutras in Yoga: Part 1


My take on Ashtanga, Patanjali’s Sutras, Budokon and the path to contentment.

Apart from the obvious practise and culture I was there to absorb, I learnt two fat lessons in India:

1. If you are buying a blanket give one away.

2. If you’re worried about 20 things then you have 20 ‘holes’ in the energetic body all leaking precious prana.

These two stayed with me till today. Of course, my Yoga practise and daily meditation will never be enough to my ultimate path to contentment. Its the closer look at the attitudes, behaviours and ethics within your own being and that towards others. These little lessons came from the Sutras written by the great sage Patanjali. I took them on translating them into my own layman language for easy, everyday application. In short the Sutras are all about restraints (yamas), observances (niyamas) physical yoga practise (asanas), our oxygen (pranayama), the withdrawal of the senses (pratyahara), total focus (dharana), listening to God – meditation (dyana) and the connection to the Divine (Samadhi). When read thoroughly these disciplined acts can transform your life – well, they did for me and in the most obvious exhilarating ways.

This is practical philosophy that taught me how to simplify, cleanse and change… upon my return I acted on them.