Interview Matthew Mallia


How did you land the name “Mad Matt”?

I just invented it :)

How did you get your job as exotic dancer in Mykonos? Did you struggle with it at first or did it come naturally to you?

I didn’t struggle. I was on holiday and a club owner spotted me and immediately offered me work. 

How do you balance such a superb physique with your hectic lifestyle?

A simple word called discipline.

What is your training and diet regimen?

Circuit training, protein-only diet 3 weeks before season starts and thanks to my parents for great genetics!!!

How do you relax? Hobbies?

Spending time with family and close friends, travelling to cultured countries, especially in the Middle East, and painting!

Favourite alcoholic drink? (so that your fans will know what drink to get you when they see you at the bar:))

Strawberry Mohijto.

You are also a fashion designer. Any famous names you’ve dressed?

David Furbish and various Maltese singers.

Where do you get inspiration from? And how do you split your time between dancing and designing?

Mythology, old buildings and history! I don’t have long hours of dancing so I have plenty of time for designing!

Who would you like to dress or work with, dead or alive, if you had the chance?

Dalida and Madonna!