How often do you have sex (Part 2 of 2)

How many couples have finished making love in just five or ten minutes? Women need longer than that just to “warm up”. How many lovers enjoy an hour of sensual touch, or massaging each other before they make love? How many would like to?

“A woman’s body is an orgasm waiting to happen” says Dr Lydia Oukhaneva. The classic relationship is where a man comes from the sexual chakra, and the woman from the heart chakra. Without work it is not the formula for lasting success.

The fundamental core of a relationship is intimacy and deep connection, which can only come by awakening those “Life Force”, sexual energies, situated in the lower chakras.

A couple can consciously develop this through loving sensual touch, and sharing the intention to explore and journey to orgasmic bliss, recognising and honouring the Divine God and Goddess energies in all of us. This is the tantric path, but don’t be put off by a name. The essence of Sensuality is there for all, whatever our religion, race or colour. It is our gift as humans, from God, Source, Universe to make life’s journey complete. Why has it been suppressed for so long?

Fortunately we are moving into an era of more conscious, honest, transparent relationships, but it takes time and education to overcome the deep rooted guilt and taboos surrounding sexuality.

Sensuality for many is locked away inside, and we need to learn how to open up and release it. First a couple has to agree through communication that something needs to change. Some partners will never change of course, which is one reason why the other will move on.

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