How many times do we hear that we should love ourselves, but we look to others for our needs? We can take their energy, consciously or unconsciously, and feed our needs and wants from that. When we cannot, we are lacking and unhappy. When we are full, we pull away until we need to feast again. This is not the recipe for a successful intimate relationship with another.

There is another way. We can focus on nurturing and loving ourselves. We can be grateful for our body, the vehicle for this life, and we can take care of it. Why do so many Western people give responsibility for their health to a doctor and to drugs?

Whether in a man’s or woman’s body, we all have our masculine and feminine sides, our inner masculine and inner feminine. Let them meet and fall in love with each other. This is our primary relationship. When they are in love, and draw what they need from each other, we are free to have relationships with others in our own energy. We can consciously give and receive all that is possible with another person.

We can be kind to our mind, have positive thoughts and speak positive words to ourselves. We can be the confirmation that we are beautiful and loved, as we are. We don’t need to rely on outside approval. We can nourish the body with nature’s bounty of fruits, vegetables, and other energy giving foods.

We can focus on being PRESENT, not living in the past, and not living for something which may or may not happen in the future.

We can give ourselves regular loving touch, touching our bodies as a lover would, with soft sensual hugs, and strokes to stimulate the skin. We should not exclude stimulating our sexual areas and arousing the senses. That way we can allow the body to release its feel-good chemicals. Self-pleasure touch does not need a goal of orgasm. It is a sign of love to the body and nourishes it.

Create ME TIME, and be still, be quiet and be in nature.