Vanity Sizing

The new American Size 00 (approx. UK Size 2) may have grabbed your attention. Such sizing has been accused of promoting anorexia and other eating disorders, encouraging people to be stick thin so as to fit into the smallest size. I disagree with these accusations but I do think that this constant need for smaller sizes to be created is becoming a tad bit ridiculous.

Interestingly enough, statistics show that as time passes mankind’s proportions are getting bigger not smaller, a woman’s waist sixty years ago was about 28 inches which is smaller than today’s average; if this is the case, then this need for new, smaller sizes makes no sense… and please cut the eating disorder crap – thin people, whether natural or unnatural, have always existed, since the beginning of time. So what is actually happening?

What is actually happening is something called Vanity Sizing. This basically means the designing and creation of clothes using larger proportions than should be used. For example a Size 8 in certain shops employing drastic vanity sizing may even fit a Size 12. The reason this is happening is actually quite a clever marketing trick, none of us like to feel fat and a lot of us determine how fat or thin we are according to what size we are. This means, if a certain shop tells us we are a size 8 and another tells us we are a size 12 – guess which one we are going to shop at?

To use myself as an example, I am approximately the same weight and shape as when I was about 16 years old and back then I was a (UK) Size 8, occasionally even a 10… how is it then that 13 years later, still the same weight and shape… and a size 8 fits me too big… In certain American brands I have even found the Size 6 (US Size 2) to be really large.

Unfortunately, this system of larger clothes leaves the thin, genuine sizes 6 and 8 women with a predicament, they haven’t lost weight but clothes have become too big for them… which is why all of a sudden we have smaller sizes such as 4 in the UK system and 0 and 00 in the US system.

Whilst there has always been some leeway between the proportions used by certain brands and designers to others, this has now reached a new level and in my opinion should be stopped… there should be some standards set as to who a size 8 should fit. Otherwise, it’s all very confusing and, quite frankly, very silly.