9 Pleasure Points in a Man’s Body

My name is Evelyn Buonasorte and I like to please… So, if you’re like me, here are the 9 pleasure points on a man’s body that you simply must know about.

When it comes to the bedroom, it is very easy to assume that the pleasure points start and end at the genitalia, but both men and women have pleasure points full of nerve endings just waiting to be tapped into that might not be that obvious.

So much so, that scientists these days believe that men have nine special pleasure points that will get them budding and begging for more. Yum!

Here’s the list:

The Outside of the Lower Lip: Being kissed by someone you like is always a turn on, but there is something else you can do to make things sexier. Sucking on a man’s lower lip while kissing – gently, of course – and licking the curve between the chin and the lower lip will drive them wild.

The Front of the Neck: The sides of the neck are fun, but whoever knew that the thyroid gland found just underneath the Adam’s apple was closely connected to the sex organs? Run your tongue in a circular motion on the hollow of his neck and watch his writhing with pleasure. He’ll luv u long time for it – sorry, Ira, I couldn’t resist!

The Nipples: Bursting full of nerve endings, the nipples are always a great way to turn him on without actually giving him anything. After a good kiss, and before you go down on him, pause at the nipples and lick, suck and bite on them (very, very softly, please, I don’t want to end up in a court case named ‘Bitten-Off Nipple vs Buonasorte’). Also, don’t forget that there are two nipples and not just one.

The Dip Under the Ankles: There is a mythical place in between the heel and the popliteal fossa (that’s the back of the knee) that is connected to a man’s sex organs; this ladies and gentlemen, is the dip under the ankles. As you’re cowgirl on top (or cowboy on top) and the guy is reaching a climax, reach for these pressure points and give them a rub. BOOM!

The Perineum: Also known as the Valley of Gormi, according to my 19-year-old nephew – don’t ask – the area just underneath the family jewels is a major pleasure point. This is because the prostate gland is located there, so while you’re doing his business down there, rub it in a circular motion. It makes things so much hotter. Madonna, is it August again in here?

His Shaft: No, I’m not talking that empty space you can look out to from your bathroom window but rather his genitals. For something extra special, form two rings with your thumb and index fingers placing one at the end and one on the head and move them in opposite directions meeting in the middle. Start slow, go faster and slow down again, and close your eyes… a pinky eye is not becoming on anyone!

The Head: The ultimate pleasure point is obviously the head. One way of increasing the pleasure is by using the ‘lipstick’ trick. Grab his sword from the base (using only one finger rather than a fist) and pretend you’re applying lipstick with it. Don’t be surprised if you do end up with something else on your lips though…

The Seam of the Jewels: The scrotum has as many receptors as most of the major pleasure points, but the area that has the most is the crease that separates his twins. Place your fingers at the top of the crease – close to his Maximilian – and trace downwards. Do it gently, however, as it is super sensitive!

The Frenulum: The bit of skin connecting the head to the shaft is the last of the 9 horsemen of the orgasm. Don’t bite on it – no, seriously, DON’T BITE ON IT – but rather lick it with your tongue gently but firmly while looking into his eyes. You’ll see a fire kindling in his eyes worthy of a Lana Del Rey song and a yoghurt face mask.

Whoa, I need a cold shower now!

What do you think of these 9 pleasure points? Found any others? Let us know!

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