Interview with Diane Buttigieg

Where do you live:- Qawra

Star Sign:- Libra

Main occupation:- Design Artist and Sales Consultant

DIANE BUTTIGIEG is an artist inspired by natural elements, their colours and textures. Most of her works are within a composition of such materials. She also specialises in creating works in permanent ink, and others which are composed of structure resin, glass and acrylic. Earlier this year, Diane won first place in an art competition, ‘Art That Matters Competition’, organised by SO Galerie and Mediterranean Bank. She launched her first solo exhibition entitled ‘twisttease – Maltese Iconography with a twist’ on 30th October, 2013, at Juliani Hotel, St Julian’s

What’s your opinion about tattoos? Are tattoos a work of art?

Of course they are! If I had the courage, I would design and get a really large one done, perhaps on one of my hands and/or on my back. I simply love them. I have a small one too!!

If you had only six months left to live, what would you do with the time?

I would cherish every moment with my family and friends. I would definitely find time to go abroad for the last time and enjoy life while I’m alive!!

What’s the number one fashion item you couldn’t live without?

My harem pants – which I wear in many different ways most of the time!!

Do you prefer dining out or clubbing? And why?

Dining out of course, as I’m a very relaxed person and I hate clubbing especially on a regular basis!!

In your own words – how do you describe the word ‘art’ ?

Art is my alcohol, my energy, my happiness and my soul!

Do you collect anything?

Nothing in particular, but the only thing that I collect is what other people throw away as waste. I always find a way to use them.

Would you buy an expensive car or do you prefer the same amount of cash in your bank account?

Ha ha I would prefer to bank them. Buying an expensive car is a waste of money. I would prefer to spend them all on my home.