The Beauty Way


Since exercising is good for us and our body, both mentally and physically, it’s always a good idea to squeeze in a little daily routine and stick to it. But did you know that it is also beneficial for beauty reasons other than a toned body?

Obviously, to get the whole package make eating healthily a priority. On top of that, fitting in your daily exercise will help your health, hair and even your skin!

Working up that extra sweat will help:

Acne – This is caused by an overproduction of sebum, an oily substance which is found in the sebaceous glands. Low intensity exercise will help as it eases stress levels caused by the stress hormone called Cortisol.

Ease away wrinkles – Did you know that exercise can benefit collagen production? This will improve our skin thickness.

Strong and healthy hair – While exercising our blood flow is increased, this stimulates the hair follicles which results in hair growth – and that’s without the use of ‘hair-growing shampoo’!

Fresh clean pores – We may sweat buckets when working out, well it’s not all that bad! It actually helps clean our pores. Freeing them from any dirt which is trapped underneath, any bacteria or dead skin cells.