Interview with MOIRA DELIA

Moira Delia Moira Delia

Where do you live:- St Julian’s

Status:- In a relationship

Star Sign:- Libra

Main occupation:- TV presenter/producer

Media-related occupation:- Animal Diaries producer/presenter, Ilsien in-Nisa presenter

Television presenter and producer, MOIRA DELIA, does her best to combine her passion, love and dedication for animals with her work. “This is the reason why I can truly say I love what I do for a living. I also think that what I do is extremely educational, and along with spreading knowledgeable facts about the wonderful animal kingdom, I end up with this feel-good factor inside me too. On the other hand Ilsien in-Nisa is like having a night in with the ladies where we discuss subjects the way we discuss them whilst off air! It’s fun, informative, funny and exciting!”, stated MOIRA DELIA in her introduction to this interview with RAMONA PORTELLI.

What’s a hobby you spend money on?

Definitely sports.

How do you define your style?

This is probably a question you should be asking a stylist. I do my best to look smart, sexy with a slight funky twist.

Are you the same Moira in private as the one in the public eye?

In character, yes, I can’t put on another personality that doesn’t belong to me. I tend to hide well any problems I’m going through. I believe that one should share personal problems and sorrows only with the closest of friends.

In your own words, why do humans need to respect animals more?

They simply have feelings just like us! Animals can only make you happy and they’re always there for you! Last but not least, animals will never hurt you, and they love you unconditionally whether you are poor or rich, sad or happy, sick or healthy! They will never leave their master!

What is it that thing you cannot live without?

My family and animals.

Do you collect anything?

No, but I have always been fascinated and always wanted to have my own collection of snowballs!