Nail Polish Maintenance Do’s & Don’ts

Nail polish can turn out to be a nuisance sometimes. You either can’t open the bottle as it’s all stuck together or your favourite nail polish has turned into goo.

Well here are a few ‘do’s and don’ts’ for avoiding most of these problems:

Do store away your nail polish in a cool place. High temperatures will activate certain formulas in the nail polish which will cause it to thicken.

Don’t store nail polish in the bathroom. Bathrooms tend to have a lot of light, and temperatures constantly change due to having those long relaxing baths or those quick showers. Nail polishes normally have a shelf life of around 2 years. By storing it in the wrong way you can decrease this.

Do check if you have a clean nail bed before applying nail polish. Before applying a base coat, grab a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover and wipe over the nail.

Don’t moisturise or wash your hands before applying your nail polish. I’m sure we have all done this. Reason being that our nails are very porous so any creams, or even washing your hands with soap and water, will add moisture back into your nails which will result in chipping or bubbling of your fresh new mani – boohoo!

Do prepare your nails with a good base coat (unless you would like to end up will those yellowish tips left from your previous manicure). This will give your nails a smooth layer before your favourite nail polish is applied. It will also nourish and protect your nail bed. Always finish off with a top coat for long-lasting wear.

Don’t and I mean don’t store your precious nail polish bottles sideways! The lacquer will work its way right up to the top of the lid and lay there for a while. This is how you end up with a lid that won’t open!

Do use a proper thinner solution to get back those thickened nail polishes back to their original consistency.

Don’t use nail polish removers to ‘un-thicken’ your polishes. This actually makes it worse as most removers contain acetone which can end up ruining your polishes.

Keep those nail polishes happy!