Budokon: A Living Art

“Budokon is a living art. By that I mean it is the art of living. It is your waking and your sleeping, your walking and your sitting, your living and your dying. All of this time you are transitioning between your yoga, your martial arts, and your meditation. They are all one practice. I cannot say that

Budokon is more special than any other art. In fact, it is not special at all. It is the practitioner who brings all that the art is, all that the art will ever be. Budokon is not about gaining ideas. There is nothing to gain from it. It is simply a way. Our way is the Samurai way. We are not a religion or a devotional practice. We do not practice to become enlightened. We practice because we are enlightened. If you are seeking something in order to gain something, this is the wrong practice. Budokon is empty of gaining ideas. If you believe there is something to gain from it, you will always be disappointed by it. This is the first lesson in our art. We must come to it, like all things, with a pure mind, free from attachment and gaining ideas. This is why we suffer. Budokon is freedom from suffering, nothing more.” – Kancho Cameron Shayne

Budokon came to me by chance, in a charity shop, a 50p DVD and an intention to discover and learn all about it. Both Cameron Shayne and Budokon were in my face when it came to letting go of even more negativity… I slowed right down, learnt how to drop the ego even more, especially when an authority figure such as Cameron instigates tears and offence. He was louder than my ego so I had to listen. He added volume to that disciplinary voice I had acquired in India and through Patanjali. I got more ‘gut’ from this. A total mindful respect towards how I show up in everything I do including motherhood, teaching, interacting, communicating. I hadn’t realised how competitive I was with my own body and now this goes without saying. I am going to give this to all those who share my passion in Dance and performance and pass on this non-competitive and meditative practise so that they can keep it in their pocket through their teaching, training and performing.

It’s not what Yoga gives, it’s now about what I can give to the world.