Design Mistakes You Can Avoid (Part 1)

Small room, large furniture Incorporate your ceiling in the design for a more completed look Large area rugs will make your space seem bigger Brown and white work well together in a kitchen Create an impact with an oversized mirror on a large wall

If you are giving your home a make-over, or simply would like to know more about design in general, here are a few tips on how to improve your space by eliminating the most common mistakes made when working on a bit of D.I.Y.

Bringing in an interior designer always helps as professionals would have the experience, knowledge and the know-how. But if this isn’t an option and you are working solo, make sure to avoid these faux pas for a much better finish!

Proportion and Scale:

The key trick to this is – large room means large furniture, small room does not necessarily mean small furniture, as large furniture in a small room would give the illusion of a bigger room! What’s vital is that all furniture in a room must be of the same scale. It will look uncoordinated if you were to use a large dining table with a small rug underneath, or a large king size bed with a tiny mirror on the wall above. Be careful when it comes to scale and make sure that all furniture balances out.

Painting your ceilings white:

In small rooms this may be the favourite choice as lighter colours allow the eyes to flow around easily giving the illusion of openness and receding walls and ceilings. Yet if your room is relatively large there is no need to go for a white ceiling. The colour could actually create depth and give the room character, and remember, you could always use mirrors to bounce light off the walls and give the feel of a larger space.

Small Rug – Big Area

I truly stand by the saying ‘the bigger the better’ …with most things anyway! With rugs it certainly is the case. Rugs and carpets have the ability of giving dimension to a room. They can either make a space seem small or a space seem large. I have noticed far too often large living areas, layered with a tiny rug in the middle just about covering the area of the coffee table. I strongly recommend large rugs, which get tucked away under the sofa or just outlining the area before the sofa. This makes the room feel larger and more balanced.

Bin the Brown!

If you are talking about wood or soft woollen throws, or even classic leather chairs and sofas – I get it! If you are talking about lacquered cabinetry and paint, we need to work on this! There are so many vibrant colours to choose from, so many fresh, clean tones, yet, a lot of the time, brown seems to be the most favourable. If you MUST have brown, then most of the time it is a good idea to combine white with it to pick up the room, especially if it’s the kitchen.

Large Wall, Small Frame:

If you have a large wall and are looking to fill it, you are not going to create much of an effect by just using a small frame. It is always best to use a nest of pictures which spread out over a large area, utilising the space. You can also incorporate mirrors into the equation. Remember about scale, if it is a large wall make sure the mirrors/frames are not too small.

Should you have any questions or need advice on your own interiors, you can always leave a comment below or contact me directly on my facebook page lilliehelena. Part 2 of this article will be online shortly!