What do the stars say? Check out your November scopes!

Hi Eve readers!!! Welcome to the November Astrology page by Eve’s on home grown astrologer. This month we are in the zodiac of Scorpio, and so it is little wonder that all things  dark and mysteriously delicious are on the menu. Secrets?  Scandals?  Skeletons in the cupboard?

There is so much going on in Scorpio this month it’s not true. There is an eclipse on the 3rdNovember which emphasises this Scorpio energy which is pretty intense. If the horoscopes sound a little ominous to you, take heart – we shall all be wiser by the end of the month! When things get intense – just blame it on the Scorpio energy pervading our lives for the next three weeks!!

As always, should you have any questions you would like to ask the EVE astrologer – feel free to write to eveastrologer@gmail.com

Happy reading!

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