Interview with SUE ROSSI

Where do you live: St Julian’s

Star Sign: Cancer

Main occupation: Director at Modelle International and Beauty Lounge

SUE ROSSI’s work opportunity as a part-time salesgirl with a textile shop in Valletta was the stepping stone for her long-standing career. There, she had the greatest privilege to meet one of the top designers and artist, the young and brilliant Ray Ashley – a true friend of hers who gave a personal touch to her outfits. “Through his persistent encouragement I seriously pondered on taking up modelling with an agency run by Ms Anne Borg. The organiser kept a keen eye on promising students and lent me a hand in several fashion shows of renowned outlets during the eventful years of the nineteen-eighties. Photo shooting was another attractive activity that lured me toward the world of entertainment and art. A scholarship at the prestigious Model Nouveau School, Nottingham, paved the way for an exciting international experience. In the United Kingdom, I followed modelling lessons and instructor courses which proved to be quite intense and challenging. I recall being very appreciative of the outcome especially on obtaining successful distinction results for the examinations held there”.

On her planned entry to Malta, she witnessed the realisation of another dream by opening her own Modelling agency together with an acquaintance of hers, the hard-working and creative model, Noel Falzon. “After a relatively short time back home, an assignment with an international magazine, PIC (People in Camera) meant more than front page covers and ushered in a hectic period of travelling to exotic venues like Jamaica, and beyond. At that time I also managed, without hesitation, to coordinate with international photo models on a regular basis. Meanwhile, the newly founded agency in Malta was prospering and holding courses to a multitude of local students coming from all walks of life. The time was ripe for the fruition of my first competition in the 80’s under the title of Miss Maltese Beauty. Such was the success that its popularity kept on growing annually for the past twenty-five years”, stated SUE ROSSI in her introduction to this interview with RAMONA PORTELLI.

What’s your opinion about tattoos?

I see it as an artistic expression by people in general.

Do you own one or more?

No, I do not have any.

If you had only six months left to live, what would you do with the time?

I would do my utmost to spend the maximum number of hours with my precious children.

What do you enjoy most about fashion?

Apart from continuously browsing to see what’s new on the market, I mostly enjoy shopping.

What’s a hobby you spend most money on?

Clothes. Mainly dresses, handbags and high-heeled shoes.

What makes you angry mostly?

People talking behind my back and inventing stories.

What do you think is your best asset?

My character and willingness to see others succeed in life.