Does Penis Size Matter?

When it comes to men’s Willy Wonkas many say that size does matter, but is this all a myth?

We live in a world that loves excess: we want deluxe editions of our favourite albums, our burgers super-sized, and our buildings to scrape skies… so it’s quite natural to think that bigger penises are better. Yet in our primordial desire to have things bigger we often forget that they might not necessarily be better.

The first lover I ever had, for example, had a massive knob, and we obviously experimented quite a bit before I let him penetrate me. In theory, his penis was fantastic: big and pink and throbbing… Little did I know he couldn’t use it properly. The guy who came after him wasn’t half as big but the motion of his ocean made my river overflow.

The truth is that the vagina is a very adaptable environment, it can accommodate both large and small willies with ease and comfort – we are the Libras of the genders, we balance things out. On top of all that, the nerve endings are found on the sides of the cervix and not at the end, so it’s girth (width) rather than length that really makes a difference.

The thing men out there need to remember is that most of us women don’t really care about size (so long as we don’t have to ask whether it’s in yet, obviously). So, if you’re in the range of the 5.5”- 6.2” you can rest assured you are more than decently endowed as, as has been uncovered by the 40 independent, world-wide penis size research projects conducted since 1942, those measurements are standard all over the globe.

Also, whether it looks like a banana, or tilts to the left, or is a soldier on alert doesn’t make much of a difference. Anzi, sometimes it might even help you hit certain pleasure points easier. So, rejoice, gentlemen: size with regards to your penis doesn’t really matter. (When it comes to your wallet that’s a completely different story, however…)

Do you agree with Evelyn? Does size matter to you? We’d love to know!

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