DIY Halloween Makeup Tips

Homemade Bruises Black Eye Burgundy or Wine Lipstick Loofahs Fake Blood Eyelash Glue

Halloween is just around the corner and many of us might have a Halloween party coming up. If one browses the Internet, one can come up with a multitude of ideas regarding costumes and make-up that can be used on the day. However, most products, especially those in relation to special effects, can prove to be quite costly. So here are a few D.I.Y ideas that you can use without breaking the bank:

1. Home-made Bruises

Every single one of us owns matte eye shadows in shades like lime green, mustard yellow, violet, dark brown and blue, so creating bruises should not be a problem. Using some deep blue powder eye shadow, apply to where you want the bruise to feature. Then, use your fingertips to add blots of charcoal gray, red and blue shadows. Touch up the edges with a shimmery olive green and smudge the bruise to complete.

2. Black Eye

Layer matte purple and red eye shadows all around your eye and also below it. Don’t aim for a perfect finish; the more uneven it looks the better. Add smudges of dark blue and black in the place where you would normally get under-eye circles for more depth. If you want a more infected look, add some Vaseline on top of the eye shadow to give the illusion of infected skin.

3. Burgundy or Wine Lipstick

Highly pigmented, dark red lipstick not only mimics the look of blood quite well (particularly for scraps and small cuts) but also stays where you place it, making it a good choice for long-wearing blood effects.

4. Loofahs

Creating an uneven skin tone couldn’t have been any easier – just use a loofah instead of your make-up sponges or brushes. Using a loofah will work to create the look of broken capillaries.

5. Fake Blood 

You can create your own fake blood from the comfort of your home. ALWAYS REMEMBER to do a small patch test on your skin with the product you create so as to make sure that you are not allergic to it; better safe than sorry!

There are several ways to create fake blood. If creating this for children, then make sure that it is safer than safe for them especially if it is going to be applied near the mouth area. Simply mix three parts corn syrup with one part water and then add red food colouring slowly until you get the colour you desire. If you want a darker, brownish tone to the blood, add some chocolate syrup, or alternatively add drops of green or blue food colouring. To thicken it, slowly mix in corn starch until it reaches the desired consistency. This mixture will be very sticky at first, but that quality will help it to stay put during application.

6. Eyelash Glue

Not all of you may know that eyelash glue is actually liquid latex. To create scabs or scars on your face, spread a thin layer of the glue onto your skin and very carefully start picking and scratching it. Then fill in the scabs you just created with dark red and black eye-shadow.
Once you complete your Halloween make-up, don’t forget to set it all with a spritz of make-up sealer, or alternatively hairspray! This will ensure that your look doesn’t move around during the night! Happy Haunting!