Of sandwiches and blurred lines

Ever saw a guy on all fours told to make sandwiches? Weird question to ask, let me go back a bit. A friend of mine very recently showed me a parody of Blurred Lines, where instead of having half naked girls running around (unless you saw the unrated version), we had half naked guys (for some reason this video has been removed from YouTube).

Now let me be honest, I wouldn’t call myself a feminist, I believe men and women should be treated equally, as both are humans, and if they want to be treated less or more, it is up to them: their choice, their consent, their relationships.

What is so amazing about this video is that the guys are treated the same way as the women are constantly pictured in the media around us. The parody doesn’t try to make the women look as victims, but simply reverses the roles, where it is the men who are being used, to use that term, as the so called playthings. The video captures what is overly presented in the media, through a plethora of songs, where women seem to want to get down on their knees and just receive what is to be offered (maybe because they want to, and that is fine), but through a different perspective.

It is simply a realisation that with all our talk of equality, we are still conditioned to putting women in a different light than men, parodies like these show that society has not really moved forward and that maybe, just maybe, asking guys to go make us sandwiches, would make us realise that there shouldn’t be any blurred ideas between disrespect and consent, about us being equal.

I do not want to be stereotypical myself and say that all men or women fall under any of the inferred stereotypes above; it is simply a criticism, of something that just really is – a fact, the reality. In the end, us being human should come before being man or woman and that consent should come before what we think is acceptable or not.

Video link to video article is based on – Students-parody-performance