Internal Dialogue

Matthew Johnstone

An unexpected and exciting opportunity arises – a step beyond your vision and your comfort zone.

You desire excitement and adventure. You like it, you want it, but you hold back. You can’t visualise yourself in that position or you doubt that your skills are sufficient, etc… The heart tells you take the opportunity. The mind comes up with all the reasons not to. The mind can be a “NO” machine. It spent years creating fear inside you and won’t stop unless you re-programme it.

It has learned “NO” from outsiders. “You can’t do that. Don’t take a risk. Be safe”. But safe means missing opportunities and adventures. We can be dynamic and we are offered opportunities.

Don’t confuse this “you can’t” dialogue with intuition which tells you not to follow that path, or not to be with or do business with, some person. Intuition is different. It comes from your soul, not your mind, and your soul knows best.

If your heart and mind are having this contradictory dialogue, write down the pros and cons of the situation. That can help to clarify the situation. It will show if the fear is unreal. So often we live in fear of some future event which will probably never happen. That is why it is important to live “in the present moment”.

You may fear losing your job, not being able to pay the mortgage, and losing your home. That may never happen, hopefully. What is the worst that can happen today? Or Tomorrow? Nothing… So stop living in fear and worry.

Be mindful of your self-talk, it is a conversation with the Universe. At a deeper level, once we quieten the mind, perhaps with meditation, or in the stillness of nature, we can communicate with our soul, the meaningful internal dialogue, and our real truth.