3 Ways To Minimize Post-Manicure Clean-Up

With autumn settling in and our wardrobes taking on a darker palette, our make-up and nail colour choices are no exception. As far as nails go, we tend to reach out for the darker and more sophisticated berry hues and richer reds but these have a common problem, especially for those who have not-so-steady hands, when it comes to nail polish application …stains on the cuticle area and nail walls are inevitable – and just because these colours are so dark, they can be a little messy to clean up. Here are 3 tips and tricks you can make use of right now for minimizing post-manicure clean-ups! Vaseline – Apply a little Vaseline with a q-tip on the skin surrounding the nails. Take care not to touch the nail itself as this will hurt polish adhesion. Vaseline acts as a barrier and prevents colour from grabbing on to the skin. It is easily wiped off after the nail polish dries or you can push it off with an orange stick. A lip balm works just as well and they both double up as cuticle moisturisers! Warm Water – After you have finished your manicure and your polish has dried, wash your hands with a little warm water and soap. Gently scratch off any polish residues on the skin and they will roll off your skin. Nail Polish Corrector Pens – The last trick to a perfect manicure is to use a nail polish corrector pen. The doe-foot applicators are socked with nail polish remover and are very easy to use, even for those hard-to-reach areas, and you are guaranteed a perfect, mess-free clean-up. Alternatively, you may opt to use a square-tipped nail art brush dipped in nail polish remover for the same effect. Make sure to finish off your manicure with a dab of cuticle oil especially if you opt to clean your cuticles using the last two methods as they can leave your skin dry – surely that’s the last thing you’d want now that your talons are ready for compliments!