“The Bold Lip” for Autumn Winter 2013

I love trends, what I enjoy most about trends is that they give us a great guide on how to adapt our styles to the season and allow us to express our inner fashionistas! As a make-up artist, it is imperative to my job that I stay on top of the ever changing catwalk looks and adapt them to everyday wear and, of course, be able to answer any questions I may get from my clients.

The one trend that we have seen repeat itself in all seasons over the past year is a bold lip. In spring/summer it was all about that bright injection of colour on the lips and we saw orange and neon pink everywhere. This season it is a lot more intense and dark and the most popular colours are deep reds, deep purples and pinks – and most popular of all is the amazing burgundy. Seen on fashion shows from London to Milan, the burgundy lip was a staple for many key looks.

Now many people ask me if they can pull off such strong colours and my answer is always yes! When it comes to wearing make-up to suit your eye colour or skin tone etc., I believe that there are no rules. Ok it is perfectly fine to wear certain colours to suit you, but this can get boring, so I say go for it! Any make-up that is applied well can be suited to anyone so break the “rules” and if you fancy it, go for it! I also think a strong lip is so sexy on a woman and oozes strength and confidence!

For all trends there are counter trends and there are a lot of muted nudes for this season too, so don’t worry, there is something for everyone. Matte textures are in both in lipsticks and foundations.

Here are my top tips to achieve a perfect bold matte lip:

1. Smooth lips are a must because the last thing you want is for your lipstick to be flaking off, so using a lip-scrub regularly will help with this. I make my own sometimes using brown sugar and olive oil.

2. A lip primer will help to adhere the lipstick to your lips helping the colour stand out better and last longer, it also smooth’s out the little lines we have in our lips. My all-time favourite is MAC Prem+Prime lip primer, I love this as it also conditions the lip.

3. Line your lips with a colour similar to the lipstick. This is a very important step when creating a bold lip as it insures precise application and you definitely need a guide when applying a strong colour.

4. Now apply your lipstick. I find it helps to use a lip brush as it gives you a lot more control of the pressure and amount you are applying but straight from the tube is just as good. Start from the centre and work your way out.

5. Finally with a small angled brush dipped in a tiny amount of concealer, tidy the outline of your lips for absolute lip perfection. This helps create perfect shape and also stops “bleeding”.

My favourite products for a perfect bold burgundy lip are “burgundy” lip liner and “diva” matte lipstick both from MAC but there is an abundance of choice for this trend available from high end to pharmacy brands. 

Authored by Kim Kiernan