Pure: The Sex App for Women

Ladies, you know those days when you’re just dying for a shag and Josh the vibrator simply won’t cut it? Well, now there is an app that can give you instant access to sex… all you need to do is open your life (ok, and your legs) to it.

Technology has advanced tremendously in the past couple of decades and I could not be more grateful for it, especially since I don’t have to worry about whether I’m going to bump into the car behind me while parking anymore… Lord, I love those sensors.

But technology doesn’t only make life easier, it also extends possibility and reality – and that’s exactly what Pure, a Grindr-like application, has now done for women’s sex lives.

So what is Pure exactly?

Do you recall those times when you were lying in bed at home and you had an itch that nothing but the sensual touch of a hot man could scratch? Yes? Yes! Well, in the past, you’d have to make-do with some rubber bunny fluttering its ears, but now you can simply take out your phone, press search and find a partner – all thanks to Pure.

As an app, its ethos is that it wants to give women – both those who are single and in committed relationships – the freedom to enjoy their sexuality as they please. It gives them access to men in their area who are looking for sex and who want to meet there and then – so it’s quick and easy.

What does it give women?

Well, that’s debateable. On the one hand it shatters the boundaries that have oppressed us for centuries. We choose when, where and with whom; we are the men who come and go and leave their feelings in a Gucci purse somewhere in the corridor. On the other hand, it takes away the romance and the security of waking up next to someone, and totally excavates the ‘love’ aspect of ‘making love’. Then again, there wasn’t always very much of that about in my experience anyway…

Is it safe?

As anyone with gay friends that use Grindr knows, you are playing with fire when it comes to safety. My friend who has used the male app to get booty calls for the past three years has been lucky enough to meet decent chaps who just wanted his chapstick, but, unfortunately, there is no assurance that you will not meet a serial killer or a psycho stalker – your only consolation is the fact that the majority of people in this world are not serial killers or psycho stalkers. We hope.

Of course, it is vital that you take precautions. Ask to meet in a public place so you can be seen with the gent in question before you go to his house or he comes to yours. Always make him wear a condom, and for goodness sake be on the pill! You don’t want to end up carrying a random’s baby.

Should I do it?

I’m 40 and I have a partner, an ex-husband, a son, and numerous male and female lovers on my been-in-her/done-him list, so maybe I am a bit too old for this. Nevertheless, in my younger and, alas, wilder days, I would have loved this sort of thing. The thrill of meeting someone new for a passionate night, coupled with the knowledge that all he wanted was my body and nothing but my body, would have driven me crazy with desire.

So, whether you should do it or not is up to you, obviously, just remember that there are consequences to your actions – so screw wisely and do be safe.

More information on the Pure app can be found at getpure.org EVE takes no responsibility as to anything that happens on Pure or because of Pure – you sex lives are your own, people!

Would you try it? Do you think it’s horrible? Let us know!

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