Hello I’m Claire, I am a coffee-addict!

You wake up in the morning, with no clue as to what hit you. You stumble down the stairs to your kitchen and make a cup of coffee. As you inhale your first whiff you find yourself in another world. If you have ever experienced that beautiful feeling before, you are probably a coffee lover too and there are plenty of other people like us.

Coffee is the warm beverage that wakes us up in the morning, gets us through busy days, keeps us awake when long nights are ahead and it tastes amazing. This brewed beverage we can’t live without comes from roasted seeds of different species of the evergreen shrub of the genus coffea. Coffee beverages are considered to be acidic with a stimulating effect and consumed in moderation, it may be considered beneficial to our health.

Coffee has come a long way since the 15th Century when coffee drinkers first started consuming the loved beverage. We almost don’t realize, nowadays, to what extent coffee has filtered into our lifestyle. In the USA, the 29th of September is “National Coffee Day” whilst London’s Brick Lane holds an annual coffee festival, The London Coffee Festival. Taking place in April every year, the festival brings together coffee-lovers and celebrates the art of making coffee. People attending the three day festival get the opportunity to sample different blends of coffee and baristas from all over London come to the festival to serve their signature drinks whilst showcasing their individual coffee-making techniques.

So if you’re drinking your tenth cup of coffee and the day’s not even over yet, don’t worry, you are not alone, coffee lovers all over the world understand you!

Written by Claire Caruana.