Let’s talk hair: Women’s Hair Loss


Hair has always been considered to be a women’s crowning glory. There is hardly any other part of the body which receives as much attention in women. Hair tends to have an impact on one’s overall appearance. If hair loses thickness many women feel anguished and may cause a mental strain on us.

Sometimes it helps to know that hair loss is completely normal and part of the hair’s natural cycle. But when is it really time to act?

As a general rule we lose 100 – 150 hairs every day, if you are seeing an increase in hair loss on a daily basis over several weeks, then it’s time to take action!

Your first stop for a professional opinion should be a visit with your GP who will look out for possible causes such as hormonal changes.

It is also important to find ways of styling your hair to conceal bald spots as much as it is possible. A skilled hairdresser will find the appropriate haircut and style for you.

Several products on the market are available to help thicken your hair and help to make it seem visibly fuller. Shampoos which help to increase the hair growth phase and decrease the hair loss phase are also available.

If suffering from hair loss, always keep in mind that hair can be weakened by non-professional colouring, blow-drying and intensive hair styling like when using curling tongs or straighteners. This cosmetic over-processing makes the hair rough and brittle, structural damage like this can often make a hairstyle look sparse. So be gentle on your hair and seek professional advice!