Lead me to Leeds


When I heard my cousin who lives in Leeds had a baby, my ovaries could not stop tingling with delight. I had to find a way to cuddle this baby. So I bought a ticket to Leeds. After visiting London, I did not think Leeds would even compare, so my hopes were not particularly high.

I am happy to say, I was totally wrong. It’s quite a vibrant little place, with many pubs and coffee shops. It is also quite inexpensive as regards transport and accommodation.

If you’d love yourself a little retail therapy, there is any high street shop one can think of and it is much less hectic than London’s famous Oxford street. The people are quite friendly and willing to help. There is also a number of vintage and charity shops to explore.

It gets busier on the weekend when the streets start lining up with rather talented buskers and the students admiring them.

However, if you are the type to get itchy feet, it is perfect as from Leeds one can travel to an array of other pretty places around the UK. For example, I spent an afternoon in Durham visiting a friend of mine. I felt like Durham was an itsy-bitsy version of Edinburgh with its castle and river and cobble-stoned streets. One can also visit York, which is only ten minutes away.

I love the UK, sometimes I think it is where my heart belongs. And even though I did not arrive with the greatest of expectations, I leave with a slight twang of sadness in my heart.