Our Skin In The Changing Seasons

Autumn is most definitely upon us and the changes in weather can have an effect on our skin. Temperatures are dropping so we will be trying to heat ourselves up a lot more and for many of us this can cause dehydration to the skin especially with the use of heating systems. Stronger winds and rain can also leave our skin dry and flaky.

So what do we do to make sure our skin stays in top condition? Here is some advice on skin care for the autumn/winter months.

I recommend having a good day and night skincare routine. Keeping your skin clean, exfoliated and moisturized will encourage the skin renewal process so whatever your skin type, these are steps you will not want to miss. Ideally you should exfoliate 1-2 times per week and use an exfoliator appropriate for your skin type. You don’t have to change your moisturizer if you are happy with what you are currently using but I do suggest maybe adding a heavier night cream and serum to your night-time routine as this will help restore the skin’s natural barrier at the best time, which is when you are sleeping. It is also a great idea to apply a face mask once a week to really treat your skin. Facial oils can also be amazing if you suffer from very dry skin.

Invest in a good skincare regime and remember, a product doesn’t have to cost the earth to be good! There is a huge variety of skincare products to choose from and this can be overwhelming. Don’t be hesitant to ask sales advisors for their help as this is what they are there for and it will save you going home confused with a bag of products not suited to your skin.

On the food and drink side of things, remember to drink plenty of water. We tend to drink more tea and coffee in colder climates, and caffeine (although good in some skin care) will really dehydrate you, so keep this in mind when you are having those extra cups! Keep your diet rich in foods which contain omega 3 and 6 and always remember to still wear that SPF… Even though the sun is not scorching down on us, it is most definitely still there and so are the harmful rays.

Authored by Kim Kiernan